Blessings in Restaurants

This week I went out to a restaurant with a friend and sometimes I like to bless the waiters or waitresses serving us. I felt the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for the waiter; when he came over I explained that we were Christians and sometimes God speaks to us about people and I felt I had a word for him. I told him I felt he needed to make a decision about something and there are two choices, one is an intellectual choice which would be very easy for him to do, but the other choice is a heart choice, something the he really wants to do, if that made sense. He said yes he’s in a gap year at the moment and looking for a job and he didn’t know whether to go for accountancy or go into property. Accountancy would be very easy for him to do, which is an intellectual choice, or he could go with his heart and go for property. So I told him I felt he should go with his heart. He said that was really helpful. It was that simple. Neil Chitty