Eyes are fine!

One of the difficulties with cancer is that you don’t necessarily know when you’ve been healed — I’m going to have to wait for another PET scan. But the Lord’s given me encouragement, the Lord loves to encourage us.

In December 2017 I had a broken tooth healed, my dentist was baffled. And I’ve been having botox injections in my right eye for nearly ten years. But when I returned to see the consultant — because botox wears off — he said, “I don’t think you need it, your right eye isn’t closing.” And I thought that was strange — usually when you start on botox you’re on it for life — and last month someone asked me “which eye?”

So, I decided to write to the consultant saying “my eye is fine, do I have to keep coming to the clinic for you to tell me I don’t need botox?” I’m sure this is the Lord’s doing, thank you Lord.

Tony Foord