Barney Weightman – DTS in Canada

Our son Barney went off for His Discipleship Training School in Canada last week. He’s there, he’s happy! We facetimed him yesterday and we found that God is answering his prayers, even his little prayers already. He loves the gym, he loves music and he would love to have the opportunity to speak German with the possibility of going to study German at university next year. Amazingly the guy that picked him up, his friend and another student are all German, so he’s already had many chances to practice speaking and listening. There’s a drum kit and spare guitars available for him to use and there’s a small recording studio, art studio and dance studio so all the creative people have something to do. There’s also a small gym with bars, weights and bike and a huge punch bag and a sports hall to run around in so he won’t miss out on all that stuff. So just to say that God’s interested in the small details as well as the big things. He has answered three of Barney’s prayers already.

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