Being Godly and Using Discernment

My son, who has just turned seven, had been to a local singing, dancing, acting school. This second term they prepare for a performance at the end of term. The last two weeks he has come back and said, “Mummy this play that we are doing is not Godly”.
I’d printed the script for him, but hadn’t read it so I sort of ignored him, but he said it again. When I then looked at the script I saw that it was a play about all different kinds of gods, and there were scary bits in it. I thought no wonder he’s coming home not feeling good and saying it’s not godly.
When I read the script I was convicted because I hadn’t listened to him. Then I thought of how I could get him out so late in the day. On my way to pick him up, his teacher called me to say that he hadn’t really been engaging and to give him the option of either working at it the next week to be in the performance, or to sit this one out. So, of course, he said he didn’t want to continue. I praise God because He’s a way maker and He really does hear our hearts. And I thank God for my Son having that discernment even at this young age.
Blandine May 2019