Changing Atmospheres

It’s been a journey for me and my journey started with Firestarters. At Firestarters we were talking about changing the atmosphere of everywhere we go and changing the culture of things around us. I took it on board and I applied it to my office. I work in a very stressful environment, responsible for making life changing decisions for lots of vulnerable people; the past three years have been very stressful and it’s been a culture where everybody moaned about what we did. We were understaffed and overworked, not feeling valued by the manager and we were stressed. Everyone, including me, was thinking about leaving. So when I first heard the message about changing the atmosphere around us, I decided to apply it to my job and in spite of everything that was happening around me at work, I kept a positive attitude, I did my work diligently, they still spoke about how much injustice was going on and how we were working so hard and everything, but my attitude had changed and I think that reflected in the whole team as well. As this was all going on, God spoke to me about promotion at work and all of a sudden the post became available to manage the same team where I worked. God started speaking to me, telling me to apply for the post, and I thought it was too big a thing for me to do, but I started to think about it, and applied for the job. Just before the interview I felt like pulling out because I heard that many people applied with very strong applications and I thought there was no way I was going to get the post. However, four Sundays ago John was preaching about changing the atmosphere around you and the Holy Spirit was speaking to me, my interview was the following Monday, and as I was in church listening the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said ‘I’m giving you that job because that is what I want you to do in that place.’ It was awesome and I spoke to John and said I’m going to bring a testimony to this church. So I went for the interview the following day and I got it! I’m the one managing the same people where we moaned, and I’ve done two weeks in the job and I’ve started changing things, I’ve had positive reports, in fact someone came to me and said they liked the way I allocated the cases, and it actually reduced the stress level in the team. I really thank God and I give glory to God.

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