menUNITED is a ministry specifically aimed at providing opportunities for men to develop a closer personal relationship with the Lord and each other.

menUNITED is a response to a vision from the Father heart of God. A vision that Jesus has planted in the hearts of Bethany men, to unite and grow together in restoring our intimacy with Father God. We want to stand and declare together that we are hungry and desperate for the presence of God in our lives.

Under the banner of menUNITED we will host a series of challenging and energising events with either a spiritual, social or combined focus. These events will be tailored to impact our lives and to motivate and encourage us in a way that only men working together can.

God places great emphasis on the roles of men in the church and society. Men are the spiritual head of the household and we have the authority to protect our families. Men are leaders in society and at work also. With all these roles and responsibilities as husbands, fathers and leaders in the workplace, we need a time and a place where we can rest and recharge ourselves. menUNITED hopes to address these needs fully as we meet together. Come and join us for spiritual, physical and emotional refreshing to enable us to fulfil all that we do as men.

As the momentum behind the menUNITED social program grows, we will look to hold events to which Bethany men can invite friends and family along to. These events will be varied, but there will be something to cater for everyone’s preference and as ever, all events will be fun, as can be testified by those who have attended past events.

We look forward to what the Lord can do with Bethany men as menUNITED!