Refresh is the vibrant and varied programme of events that we run for women both inside and outside our Church community. We recognise the high value that God places on women and the invaluable roles that they play in their everyday lives for example in the workplace, as wives, as mums and as leaders. Refresh was born out of a desire to provide an oasis in womens’ lives where they could be spiritually, physically and emotionally refreshed and recharged  for the works that they have been called to do.

The ages of the women in our Church community range from 18 to 92 and so we take that on board when planning our events to make sure that there is something for everyone. Some of our events are tailored solely for the women who are part of our Church, whereas others are designed specifically to make it easy to invite our friends and family along to. There is definitely something to suit everyone and the events are always fun and enjoyed by those attending.

So….if you are a woman who is 18+ take a look at the events we have planned for this year and come along. You will laugh, chat, learn, grow, share and maybe cry but our hope is that you will be refreshed….and have some fun.

Recent Events

More information on Refresh dates will be available soon.