• Oct2019

    Eyes are fine!

    21st October 2019

    One of the difficulties with cancer is that you don’t necessarily know when you’ve been healed — I’m going to have to wait for another PET scan. But the Lord’s given me encouragement, the Lord loves to encourage us. In December 2017 I had a broken tooth healed, my dentist...

  • Aug2019

    Foot Healed!

    5th August 2019

    My wife, Eloisa, was at a friend’s house. This friend’s husband had broken a bone in his foot and he couldn’t put any weight on it at all. Eloisa prayed for him and instantly all the pain went and he was completely healed. Eloisa had suggested they pray again and...

  • Jul2019

    God Never Leaves You

    14th July 2019

    For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve had severe depression and two or three years ago I had one nasty episode, I had suicidal feelings, I was in an awful place. But God stuck with me, I had some very faithful friends who stuck with me too. My...

  • Jun2019

    Car Journey

    28th June 2019

    I want to share a testimony of God’s goodness. We were being driven home from Milton Keynes by a friend. Suddenly I had to shout to her that she can’t go further or else we will be crushed by the trailer, because of the way the driver was charging towards the...

  • May2019

    My son, who has just turned seven, had been to a local singing, dancing, acting school. This second term they prepare for a performance at the end of term. The last two weeks he has come back and said, “Mummy this play that we are doing is not Godly”. I’d...

  • Apr2019

    We were so blessed by Canon Andrew White, the Vicar of Baghdad, who came to visit Bethany on Sunday. Here is what he wrote about us!

  • Mar2019

    Praying for sleep

    10th March 2019

    Our daughter Divine was afraid to sleep because of bad dreams, so we have been praying with her. One day when we were reading the Bible together a verse just jumped out and it has given her victory over her sleep. We wrote the verse out and placed it by...

  • Praying at the gym…

    10th March 2019

    At the gym there was a person in severe pain and I felt God said to me ‘pray for them’. But I chickened out. I went up to the person and was going to say something, but then just asked for a piece of equipment. A couple of weeks ago...

  • Healing in my back

    10th March 2019

    Two weeks ago I came to church with a really bad back, I don’t know what I’d done. I’ve had a bad back for years but the Lord had recently healed me from that, so when it came back, the doubt came in and I thought, no, I don’t want...

  • Feb2019


    10th February 2019

    God reminded me recently that I had a choice: I could focus on circumstances or I could focus on Him and I want to declare that I’m full of hope — hope for me, hope for Nina, hope for my family, hope for my friends, hope for Bethany, hope for...