• Nov2016

    Lifting Burdens

    11th November 2016

    About three weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to a Nigerian church. Towards the end of the service the Pastor said there are some ladies here, come to the front, God has a word for you that He’s going to lift some burdens off your shoulders. My friend...

  • Oct2016

    Changing Atmospheres

    11th October 2016

    It’s been a journey for me and my journey started with Firestarters. At Firestarters we were talking about changing the atmosphere of everywhere we go and changing the culture of things around us. I took it on board and I applied it to my office. I work in a very...

  • Sep2016


    5th September 2016

    This week the family’s been blessed, I’ve been blessed with travelling mercies; everything’s just fallen together with this new job, it’s been incredible, big things and little things. A big thing is that when I lived in South Africa many years ago, I learned Afrikaans. Going to Belgium for work...

  • Jun2016

    Healing at Info Point

    9th June 2016

    During the Catalyst Festival a team from Bethany were working at the Information Point. It was great as we got to see lots of people, have lots of laughs and also got to pray for people! We prayed for a lady who had lost her handbag and it turned up!...

  • Alan Scott, the Lead Pastor of Causeway Coast Vineyard in Northern Ireland, was praying for healing for the whole congregation during one of the meetings at Catalyst Festival 2016. One of the things he mentioned was vision, anything from blindness to blurred vision, but he also mentioned “floaters” which sounded...

  • May2016

    Healing from Asthma

    22nd May 2016

    I am a Brittle Asthmatic. At the beginning of this year I joined the early morning breakthrough prayer group at Church where we prayed for healing for many people. I asked for prayer for healing, firstly of my reflux disease caused by a connective tissue disorder, but we also prayed...