A Social Enterprise empowering young people in Sierra Leone to rise up out of poverty, through a combination of Vocational Training and Business Enterprise.

An increasingly significant provider of Vocational Training services, with a unique training system and a proven track record of delivering successful transformation.

We provide Opportunities not charity. Opportunities for young people to learn a professional trade, to develop and grow as a person, to gain some dignity, and to make a life for themselves. But it is up to our students to take hold of these opportunities and grasp them firmly.

We empower young people to rise up by providing an environment in which they can develop and flourish. A safe place where they are honoured, valued, respected, nurtured and encouraged to grow. A place where they can belong and be part of a community that looks after each other and grows together.

We aim to see lives transformed. Transformed to be skilled and competent, transformed to be confident in life, transformed in character, transformed in understanding their purpose, transformed to be a role model for others.

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