Healing at Catalyst Festival

Alan Scott, the Lead Pastor of Causeway Coast Vineyard in Northern Ireland, was praying for healing for the whole congregation during one of the meetings at Catalyst Festival 2016. One of the things he mentioned was vision, anything from blindness to blurred vision, but he also mentioned “floaters” which sounded like something that I had been experiencing for the last week or so. I joined many others in putting my hands up to receive healing and he prayed for everyone from the stage, then Mark prayed for me and there was some improvement, then Sara prayed and there was even more improvement. I would say it’s at least 80% better, with only a small trace of a wiggly dark line if I try to look out of the corner of my right eye.

I thank God for healing me so quickly as I had been thinking it would probably be something I’d have to live with. Now I don’t really notice it at all which is such a blessing.