Healing from Asthma

I am a Brittle Asthmatic. At the beginning of this year I joined the early morning breakthrough prayer group at Church where we prayed for healing for many people. I asked for prayer for healing, firstly of my reflux disease caused by a connective tissue disorder, but we also prayed for healing for my asthma. Well, my lungs have opened up since. I no longer suffer continual asthma attacks or chest infections. I can now breathe every single day. The coughing & wheezing has gone. I can walk from a warm house to the cold outside without my lungs tightening and four months later I am still breathing well. In fact so well that technically, according to my peak flow readings I take every day, I am not asthmatic any more. I have gone from 7 hospital admissions in 2015 to absolutely none in 2016 and we are in the 5th month of this year. Praise God for He is worthy to be praised!

Debbie Dreyer

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