Heavenly Provision

Richard: I’d like to give testimony for what God’s done recently for Eloisa and me. A few years ago I had a thought that we should start to pray that someone would pay off our mortgage — it wasn’t huge, but all the same it was a mortgage. So we prayed for that occasionally. Also over the past year I was getting a sense, (I felt it probably was from God, but it seemed a bit too risky) that I should give up my paid work with Community Money Advice and spend three months not looking for another job but just being available to Him. That would mean spending two days a week, for three months, seeking Him. It all came to a head when various things meant I had to make a decision, so decided that okay God I trust that it’s you. Eloisa had also been telling she felt it was time for me to leave CMA. She always hears from God before I do. So with her support I handed in my notice.

Eloisa: So, I was transferring money from my family in Brazil and there was £50 which my sister said she would put in the bank for me. Then I thought I heard God laughing and saying “Eloisa if you knew how much I would give to you, you wouldn’t bother about £50. So the next day we went on a course and there was a lot of teaching on family inheritance (God setting us free from negative aspects of family inheritance). A few days later someone texted me and asked to have coffee with me, so I changed my day, she came to me and we had a very powerful time together, we prayed and she left. Later in the afternoon she texted me and said ‘When I left your house God said to me to pay off your mortgage!’ I asked Richard, is this what I think it says? We were shocked. So our mortgage is paid, but more than that, it’s God saying to us ‘Trust me and I will do the rest.’

Richard: This year both of us have seen some incredible things happening as we’ve been praying for people for healings. But for me the greatest thing is that I’m just falling in love with Jesus, He’s touching my heart and we’re seeing the kindness of God like I’ve never known before; that’s the greatest miracle — that the heart is changing, slowly; experiencing the love and kindness of God. He is so good.

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