My Heavenly Birthday Cake!

This is a poem written by a lady from Bethany called Gill Meredith.

My Heavenly Birthday Cake

What’s this before my eyes I see?
A cake? A birthday cake? For me?
My God! It’s huge, as huge as can be!
To eat would take eternity!

It really is a cake supreme,
A mountain of rich buttercream,
And chocolate sauce – the stuff of dreams –
Cascading down in sticky stream.

Oh wow! Oh joy! Oh cor!
My jaw drops to the floor in awe,
And slobbers at its treats galore,
Just everything that I adore…

Smarties, buttons, flapjack chunks,
Cookie dough in chewy chunks,
Chocolate brownie pieces sunk
In reservoirs of gooey gunk.

White choc, dark choc, milk choc chips,
Cola bottles, jelly lips,
Dolly mixtures, sherbert pips
Curly wurlys, walnut whips…

Muesli muffins with cashews in
Shortbread bites with toffee chews in,
Yogurt covered raisins oozing
With some kind of rum-like booze in.

I cut it open… Oh my days!
A rainbow cake in 7 shades
Layer upon layer inlaid
With sticky crimson jam – homemade!

But heavenly Father, if I may…
Ask why this cake for me, I pray?
It’s not my birthday, not today
In fact it’s quite a while away.

The Father replies…

“Precious Gilly, how I smiled
Upon your birth, my darling child.
What pride, what praise on you I piled,
And heaven went COMPLETELY WILD!!

We jamboreed, we jumped, we jived,
We doe-se-doed, we dipped, we dived,
We hokey-cokeyed and high fived
To shouts of “Gilly has arrived!”

We skipped, we flipped, we hopped, we bopped,
A zillion party poppers popped,
The chocolate fountain never stopped
This party just could not be topped!

We whoopeydood, we rapped, we sang:
Hallelu and a shang-a-lang-lang,
The fireworks made one holy bang!
And all the bells in heaven rang.

The angels wore their party wings,
And feasted on your favourite things,
Then pogo’d round the sun on springs
And hula hooped with Saturn’s rings.

The whole of heaven was festooned
With comets bunched in bright balloons,
And underneath the glitterball moon
We danced to timeless party tunes.

The Cherubims all cha-cha-cha’d
The Seraphs samba’d round the stars
And Gabriel leapt over Mars
To loud applause and hip hoorars!

Oh what a party! What a ball!
What fun, what joy was had by all!
What pure delight from wall to wall
In heaven’s grandest party hall.

We partied hard the whole day through,
Then partied harder all night too!
And know my child – this too is true:
The party’s never stopped for you.

For you in whom I so delight,
So precious, honoured in my sight,
Who wear my holy robes by right
As bride adorned in purest white.

Yes heaven celebrates with me,
In ceaseless joyful jubilee,
The miracle I brought to be,
The masterpiece in you I see.

Before all time and space began,
Your form, your frame, your face I planned,
Each cell, each molecule, each strand
Was crafted by my very hand.

You are no fraud, no act of fate
No accident, no big mistake,
And you I never will forsake,
For you are like this awesome cake…

Unique in all eternity
No cake like this you’ll ever see
Conceived, prepared and baked by me
To my exclusive recipe

The rights to which cannot be sold
Once made I threw away the mould
And piped in letters bright and bold,
With icing made from purest gold…

Your name Gilly! Yes, your name!
As etched in heaven’s hall of fame,
And lit the candles with a flame
To burn with love that will not wane.

So come and taste, come taste and see!
Come now and celebrate with me!
Come sing! Come dance! Be wild! Be free!
Let’s party for eternity!