Pub Encounters

I was inspired by Neil’s message last week. For years we used to go to the pub and we would meet a lot of very interesting people there and very often my wife and I had a chance to talk to the Lord about them. I was only ever a link in the chain, just talking to people, but in recent years that link got a bit rusty. But after Neil’s message last week I thought ‘well I ought to be doing a bit more’. On Thursday night we were in the local pub and a young woman got chatting to us. She said she wasn’t very well as she is diabetic, so I said join the club, so am I. She asked if she could talk to us and sat down with us. She said that she had developed diabetes due to trauma that she suffered. I told her mine started when I had cancer of the neck which was removed, but the shock of that caused my pancreas to completely stop working, it’s incurable, it can only get worse. Then, I told her, a funny thing happened – in the last few years, whereas I used to need, the amount of insulin I needed started going down and down. I need 90% less insulin than I did and she said ‘that’s a miracle’. ‘Funny you should say that’ and explained that we believe God can heal people, in fact I’ve seen several amazing miracles over the years. I asked if she would like me to pray for her and she was keen for me to do so. So I prayed for her and she seemed very grateful. Before she left us she told us that she used to have faith, but after years of trauma she had lost it. She said it wasn’t coincidence that we’d met, and I agreed. I’m only a link in the chain, I may not see her again, but I do believe she’s very close to the Kingdom of God. So please pray for her, I think your prayers will make a big difference.

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