Bethany wouldn’t be able to run each week without the faithful people serving on the teams outlined below.

Where will you serve?

The welcome team is an integral part of how the church reaches out to others.  The welcome team aims to make the experience of coming to the Sunday morning meeting enjoyable and comfortable for everyone.  We particularly aim to make new visitors to the church feel welcome and at home.

You will be involved in setting up the ‘front of house’ each week before the start of the Sunday morning service, arriving at least 30 minutes before the advertised start of the meeting.  You will then meet and greet people as they arrive, paying particular attention to newcomers.  You will also continue to greet latecomers to the meeting for the first 20 minutes of the meeting.

Time commitment required: You will have the opportunity to serve about once per month.  The team will aim to meet about three times a year to discuss the work and pray.

Led by Nick & Kitty Marsh

Setup team is… what it says in the title! … and returning everything to storage after the service.

You will be involved in an amazing team that helps Sunday mornings to happen! You will help getting St. George’s ready for Sunday activities, setting up chairs, getting equipment out of storage and returning it at the end of the meeting. You will be able to get up early (at St George’s for set up 7:15am and 10:30am for set down) a maximum of one Sunday a month. You will be strong enough to move chairs and moveable storage equipment.

Time commitment required: With enough team members we could be on duty every 6 weeks, with fewer a maximum of once a month. Team meetings will be once a term and include food.

Led by Lily Fox-Davies

Hospitality is all about serving others. We recognise that many people in Bethany have a gift for making people feel at home. Hospitality is not just about pouring a cup of tea or coffee, but it is about blessing people.

Each week there will be a team of 4-5 people who will need to do the following between them. Baking or buying tasty cakes or cookies, buying milk, arriving early at 9am to set the coffee machine running, setting out all the necessary equipment, making a pot of tea, serving tea and coffee at 10am before the service, washing the cups before the service starts, setting up the equipment again for after the service, leaving the service a few minutes earlier to make a pot of tea, serving tea and coffee after the service finishes and then washing everything and putting away.

Time commitment required: Once every 4-6 weeks

Led by Clare Judge

The Worship team is such an important part of the church, in the Old Testament the worship team led the people into battle! Our aim as a worship team is to allow more of God and less of us in order to see God glorified. In doing this we aim to create an atmosphere where everybody, no matter where they are at, can come into Gods Presence and meet with him in a real and life changing way. We want to strive for excellence and give God the best we can give. However, it is about our hearts and not just about our abilities.

We are looking for musicians with a worshipping heart. Even if you are not yet ready to play on a Sunday morning you may be ready to come along and jam with us at ‘new songs practices’ and other sessions along the way.

In practical terms, we are in need of more drummers, bass players, lead guitarists and keyboard players. However you may play an unusual or more classical instrument and we certainly don’t want to rule these out!

If you do join the worship team and are ready to play on Sunday mornings we would expect you to be at the church venue for 7:30am on Sunday morning to set up and rehearse. We run a Rota system and you can be involved as much or as little as you want.

We have ‘new songs’ rehearsals every five weeks and everyone from the worship team is invited to come. These evenings introduce new songs to the whole team so they can be learnt and later taught at church.

We also upload audio files and music onto ‘Dropbox’ so everybody can listen and learn songs in their own time, ready for Sunday morning (if they are playing) – preparation is key to having a less stressful set up and rehearsal before church.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further… we’d love to hear from you.

Led by Sara Miller & Laura Dutton

The PA team exists to serve the church by providing sound support to the worship team and the speaker on a Sunday morning or during other meetings.

There are different areas of the PA, so you could possibly be involved in set-up, set-down, sound recording, repairs or operating the sound desk. You do not necessarily need to be technically savvy to help.

Time commitment required: the rota for Sunday mornings will hopefully be once every 4-6 weeks, depending on how many people sign up. It would also be good to see the whole PA team attend the new songs practices along with the worship team.

Led by John Swain

The visual (or projector) team sets up in the Hall the two projectors at 7:15 am for 9 am service and  10:30 am for the 11 am Service, working alongside the PA team as they setup the worship band and PA desk. The song list will be given to you by the worship leader. You then setup the laptop and use Media Shout to prepare the list of worship songs and any other media for the service. After the service you then need to clear the equipment away.

This is a really important job, as without you there will be no words up on the screens and worship won’t be as effective and amazing!

Time commitment required: the rota for Sunday mornings will be once every 5 weeks. There are also projector needs at the monthly prayer meeting (every 3rd Sunday of the month)

Led by Lily Fox-Davies

Acorns / Crèche is the children’s work for the 0 – 5 age group. There is a Bible related theme each week. The children sing songs, play games and do art and craft activities related to the theme. The children enjoy playing with the toys and have a drink and a snack mid way through the morning.  With current numbers there is a team leader supported by a maximum of 3 other adults.

You will be involved in assisting the leader to run the group safely and to engage with the children to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere with lots of laughter.

Time commitment required: Once a month on a rota system and termly team meetings. If you are looking for less of a commitment we also have a team of standby volunteers who can be called upon at short notice.

Led by Rosemary Shaw

Powerpack is our incredible 5-11’s group led by Sarah Jones. Powerpack requires parents to pre-register their child before the service begins. At around 9:15 am and 11:15 am  Powerpack aged children assemble in the foyer, from where they go to the classroom on the ground floor, where they meet for their activities. Powerpack meets weekly to have fun, worship, play games, do art and craft and have Biblical teaching of their own. We also run a series of social activities throughout the year where we can hang out with our friends and have fun together. For further information please contact Sarah Jones

Led by Sarah Jones

Our fabulous Bethany youth are called Affinity; we offer a variety of opportunities for young people aged between 11 – 18 to develop close relationships with God and each other. Together we enjoy a variety of different activities including (and not limited to!): –    Sunday morning teaching –    Affinity Event at Crabtree – fortnightly on Friday evenings – Discipleship Groups for years 7-9 and years 10-13 –    Visits to other church events –    Trips and social events –    Week-long residential during the Summer

Our young people are a passionate, talented and friendly bunch and we feel certain that joining our team would bless you as much as them! Time commitment required: If you feel able to invest your time in our young people through any of the above groups or events then please get in touch.

John Dutton via email for more information on Activities and Dates for Youth.

Our recruitment process involves an informal chat with myself and another member of the leadership team; I would love to hear from you. All youth and children’s workers at Bethany CC are required to formally apply for their position, undertake a CRB check and sign a contract prior to commencing their role.

Led by John Dutton

The Admin team is all about effectively supporting the elders, leaders and teams at Bethany. The Admin team plans, organises, communicates and administrates in many different areas and for many different events. Administration is a gift! It says so in 1 Corinthians 12:28. Would you come and use your gift to help Bethany grow and flourish? As Paul Manwering from Bethel Church says, “Administration’s time has come!”

There are many areas of administration. Communication, event organisation, general weekly admin, website management, project management, publication design and much more! You could be involved in any of these. Do you have administration skills, project management skills, event organisation skills, communication skills? You would be most welcome to the team!

Time commitment required: Whatever you can give. Weekly, monthly or event/project based.

Led by Hayley Geurts