Tooth Healed!

Last month I went to see my dentist who discovered an abscess on one of my teeth. She took an x-ray and said the tooth was fractured and beyond repair. My dentist is very good at rescuing teeth and so she is reluctant to do extractions. However, she said if she did not extract my fractured tooth then I would continue to get infections. Thus I agreed to have the tooth extracted last Friday.
Those of you who were at church last week will know that Richard Payne offered to pray for people with a jaw problem and he prayed for my abscess and fractured tooth after the meeting. At the time I felt nothing and how do you tell if a fractured tooth has been healed? I was also a little nervous about what I would say to my dentist. So I said to the Lord that if the discomfort of the abscess had gone by Friday, I would ask my dentist for a second x-ray, which she would not normally do as the first x-ray was conclusive.
On Friday, I could still feel the slight lump of the abscess inside my mouth but it was no longer uncomfortable. When I got to see my dentist I explained that I had been prayed for at church and would like to pay for an additional x-ray. She said if the tooth was healed that would be a miracle and other dentists would also be interested, but she graciously agreed to do another x-ray. While waiting for the x-ray to develop she hammered the tooth that had been fractured and I could tell she was surprised there was no pain as she does not normally hit my teeth that hard.
Then she got both x-rays on the screen and said my tooth was definitely better and she was obviously completely baffled. I was clearly not full of faith as I asked her if she was sure, so she showed me both x-rays and even I could see that the two x-rays were different. At this point she said I would put her out of a job, so I told her that it was Jesus who heals not me. I still have my tooth and no extraction was required. Praise the Lord!