Visit to Kenya

I wanted to bring a couple of testimonies from the trip to Kenya which Richard and I made. On one occasion we’d done some teaching on forgiveness. We’d projected a cross onto the screen and asked people to come to the front with the names of the people they’d forgiven written on a piece of paper, and put the paper at the foot of the cross. We had been encouraging people to pray for those around them rather than us doing all the praying. One of the men who’d come forward told us that some years ago he felt that he couldn’t pray for people, that his hands were barren, and every time he prayed for someone nothing happened, so he made a vow that he would never lay hands on people to pray for them again. Then he said, after what he’d experienced that day he would stand at the front to renounce that vow and would continue to lay hands on people.

There was another man whom God particularly spoke to me about: he sat on the front row and was absorbed in what we were doing and our teaching. I spoke to him one to one. He was running a church in another town about 30miles away. Under the headship of a bishop they’d collected $20,000 to build a new church building, and then the bishop had run off with the money and left him penniless, angry and abandoned. We taught on both forgiveness and abandonment. He prayed and saw tremendous release. He emailed me and said ‘your teaching healed my wounds; we are now worshipping under a small tree on a piece of land that I own.’ Thank you for your teaching that has made me repent and forgive, I have moved to the glory and favour of God’. He’s received that teaching and repented, he’s forgiven the people and he’s now reaping in himself the rewards of forgiveness and knowing He’s a child of God and not abandoned.